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All over the Internet, you will find electronic cigarette reviews touting how wonderful these technologically advanced cigarettes actually are. Some of them have testimonials that have been left by customers, and others will have videos in which the site owner explains why his ecigs will work for you. Either way, the reason that these types of websites exist is to give you a bird’s eye perspective of what other people are saying about the product, potentially motivating you to try them out. Unfortunately, you have to be a little bit leery of the information presented as many review sites do not have valid information.

The best information about e cig reviews is usually found on the main websites themselves. Although it is possible to find legitimate reviews left by affiliates selling these products, it usually has to be in a video format where the person will explain how electronic cigarettes have changed their life. You can usually tell if the person is expressing something personal, or is simply reading from a script. By finding a website devoted to electronic cigarettes, that provides heartfelt testimonials about how these products have changed his or her life, that information is valid and should be used when making your decision to stop smoking and use electronic cigarettes instead.