Some Advice For The New E Cig User

As a new electronic cigarette or e cig user you need to consider all factors involved when using an e cigarette. This article will provide some simple and easy to follow advice to help you get the best out of the e cig you choose to use.

1. Always have more than one battery on hand

When you get the e cig you should make sure that you have more than one battery available. If you have more than one battery you will be able to charge one while you using the other. This ensures that you can enjoy the device without having to wait for a battery to charge. Batteries are presented as part of a starter kit, and most starter kits will offer more than one. It is highly recommended that you check this before buying the starter kit to get value for money.

2. Choosing between liquid and the pre-filled cartridges

When considering the e cig you should determine whether you will be more comfortable using liquid or pre-filled cartridges. New users are advised to look at pre-filled cartridges as these are much easier to use. Once you have gained some experience with the devices you can consider purchasing the liquid cartridges.

What is the difference I hear you ask? Well, the pre-filled cartridge is made up of a cartridge and an atomizer; whereas the liquid cartridge requires that you purchase a separate atomizer. Furthermore, this separate atomizer needs to be replaced and you must take into consideration what the overall cost of this maintenance will be.

3. Begin with a low nicotine level

When you look at e cigarettes you should always consider using low nicotine levels at first. It is better to have the low levels than choosing one that is too strong and puts you off the use of the device. If you find that the nicotine level is not strong enough for your needs, you can always look at using higher levels. Generally, manufacturers will offer a range of nicotine levels to suit different users.

4. Use long and slow puffs

A mistake that is often seen among new e cig users is that they take frequent short puffs. This is damaging as it will not only wear down your battery and atomizer, but you will not be experiencing the best vapor either. By using long slow puffs you are able to get more vapor when you inhale.

5. Turn the e cig off when not in use

As an electronic device you need to ensure that you turn the e cig off when it is not in use. If you don’t you will be decrease the battery life and dry out the atomizer affecting its ability to make nicotine.

6. Changing the atomizer

If you are using an e cig without a cartridge, then you will need to change your atomizer regularly. This ensures that it will not become clogged and its ability to heat up will not be affected.